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What to take into account when choosing a baby stroller?

A stroller for a child is almost a flagship element of every layette. It is worth approaching its purchase with appropriate knowledge to have adequate support for the next months after the birth. We advise what to look for, what are key functions, and what aspects are the most important.

Which stroller for a baby?

Nowadays, parents often decide on 2in1 or even 3in1 solutions, focusing on convenience. They resign from buying a separate carrycot, pushchair, car seat and other elements. However, the purchase of a multifunctional version requires a one-time, large expense! What is important, in the case of buying strollers separately, the sum of costs incurred will also be similar, the same, or sometimes even higher than that spent on the 2in1 or 3in1 option.

Baby strollers offered in sets are often sold with additional elements such as bags, mosquito nets, rain and  leg covers and other accessories. Similarly, Oslo 2in1 stroller comes with all the accessories mentioned above. They extend the functionality, so parents can go for walks even in bad weather or on a hot day.

What should  be taken into account when choosing a stroller?

It is worth stepping back to the details. The whole construction consists of many elements and almost each of them is crucial for the comfort of both the children and the parents. So what to pay attention to?

  • The weight of the stroller is very important – especially if it is the mother that will take care of the baby most of the time. This parameter should be combined with the size of the construction, both folded and unfolded. All this data will allow you to determine the level of stroller mobility! A small stroller when folded, such as Oslo, means no restrictions – you can go shopping, see the doctor and always feel at ease.
  • The wheels are a guarantee of comfort. They ensure easy driving of the stroller, and also determine the terrain in which it can be moved on. Small ones are perfect for flat, urban surfaces, while large ones will allow you to go for a walk on a bumpier route. In the Oslo model, we installed a universal solution, using wheels in two sizes made of puncture-resistant PU material. In addition, the structure was equipped with high-quality shock absorbers, allowing for a comfortable journey both in the city and on a more demanding terrain.
  • A basket is a must-have in every stroller- it will allow you to place small shopping, a backpack, a bag, and even toys that your growing child will surely want to take for a walk.
  • Removable and easy to clean upholstery is also an advantage that many parents will appreciate. Babies tend to get dirty, they posset, they touch various things and the record of their daily history is written in the stains on the upholstery. Thanks to the possibility of its easy removal from the frame and washing it, it will always be clean and hygienic, which, as we all know, is very important.
  • All regulatory options are also very important to ensure the comfort of the child and parents. The height-adjustable handle is especially good for families where the height difference between mom and dad is significant. Oslo stroller can be easily driven by both tall and short people. Adjustable elements should also affect baby’s comfort, so the design should include several settings for the backrest and footrest adjustment.

Materials and safety –  guarantee of quality and comfort

Before you answer the question of what baby stroller to choose, get to know the materials that are used at the production stage and also check the level of safety they guarantee. Before offering for sale, Oslo baby strollers are verified for quality and safety in an accredited, independent testing unit – ZETOM, and the fabrics used during production stage are tested in accordance with OEKO-TEX guidelines. The products comply with EN 1888, as well as EN 71-2 and EN 71-3 standards, which confirms that the materials used in Oslo meet the flammability restrictions and do not contain harmful chemical elements.

The mattress in the carrycot was made out of coconut fiber, which does not cause allergic reactions or any other sensitivities. Solutions of this type prevent the growth of microorganisms, bacteria and mites. They perfectly absorb and remove moisture, support proper air circulation, and most importantly – provide greater comfort of sleep. In addition, the coconut layer used in the product prevents deformation of the mattress in every part of it.

Good choice guarantees comfort

Parents expecting a baby face a difficult choice – a multifunctional or standard stroller. However, by focusing on the key issues, it is easy to make the right decision. After all, the most important thing is that the stroller guarantees comfort for both the child and the parents!

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What to take into account when choosing a baby stroller?