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What should you pay attention to when buying a high chair?

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine taking care of a child without the support of appropriate accessories. One of them is a high chair, which makes it easier to serve meals. The toddler sits peacefully in place, and you have your hands free for comfortable feeding. After becoming independent, meals turn into even more pleasure and convenience! However, the question remains – what to pay attention to when buying a given piece of furniture.

The needs of the family matter

The market offers a variety of solutions when it comes to high chairs, so when looking for the perfect one for you, it is worth remembering about your needs and the needs of your baby. Check if the product was equipped with practical and functional solutions and, above all, make sure it provides maximum safety. In order to enjoy every moment, it is worth spending some time on the search.

Choosing the best high chair

Furniture that facilitate the feeding of the baby is already available from several dozens of zlotys. However, it does not guarantee a number of functions that will help in the first attempts of independent eating  or introduction of the BLW method. That is why it is much better to use products that grow with the child, adapting to the needs of the family.

The size of the high chair is of great importance – in many Polish homes, families do not have much space at their disposal, which often becomes scarce after the birth of a child. Therefore, the product should be compact and easy to fold in order to be able to store it in a remote place when necessary. You should also not forget about your parental needs – after all, it is you who will be feeding the baby, putting him/her in the high chair and helping.

Jakie siedzisko?

Your child is constantly growing, so the seat should be big enough to last for at least the first few years. Products that can be converted into a low chair, such as Sunt, can be used up to the age of 5 and beyond. When it comes to chairs mounted on a folding frame, like Malit, systems that guarantee the possibility of adjusting the position of the backrest, footrest and seat height work well. This will help to adjust the height of the construction to the table at home. If you want your child to be comfortable, you should also pay attention to the presence of a waterproof, soft and pleasant to the touch seat.

High chairs for feeding children have permissible weight limit marked. Plastic constructions usually allow to be loaded up to 15 kg, wooden structures allow to increase the limit to 22 kg, and metal allow even up to 36 kg. Choose one that meets your requirements.

Help in maintaining hygiene

Any materials that cover the surface of tables and seats mounted in chairs should be easy to clean after a meal. You will be doing it several times a day, so it should not take much time. The solutions with eco-leather, which were used, for example, in the Sunt and Malit models, are perfect. It is a material from which it is easy to remove food residues without the need for machine washing or other more demanding de-staining actions.

A table suitable for the child’s health

Ideal table tops, appreciated by all, are the ones that are wide, large, equipped with a dedicated place for a cup, as well as with raised edges that prevent food from falling off. Another important feature is also the possibility of dismantling the table – when the toddler grows up and eats independently, nothing will stand in the way of moving it closer to the family table. You will be able to enjoy all meals together at one table.

The top of each high chair, as in the case of the Sunt and Malit models, should be covered with a material that is safe and suitable for contact with food. Thanks to such solutions, a toddler can try, test, and parents can use the BLW method without fear. Nothing will endanger a developing baby.

Stability and safety

A stable construction is the one whose frame is made of solid, well-balanced materials. It should be light so that the furniture can be moved easily whenever necessary. In this case, practical wheels, such as those used in the Malit high chair, will be a great help. The possibility of folding the frame guarantees great functionality – storing it then becomes much easier.

Footrests are responsible for the safety and health of children’s joints, as well as their comfort while sitting in the chair. It is usually possible to adjust their height, thanks to which they grow together with the toddler.

Tested solutions

Parents put more trust in children’s products that are attested and checked by independent laboratories as their safety is tested and confirmed. In the case of high chairs for feeding, the most important is compliance with the European EN14988:2017+A1: 2020 standard, which the Sunt and Malit models meet. The recommendations of the Institute of Mother and Child or the Center for Children’s Health also deserve attention.

By paying attention to your own and your child’s needs, the materials used to make the chair, as well as the table top and all features that facilitate care, you will certainly make the right choice without any problems. If, on the other hand, you prefer ready solutions, choose one of our high chairs – Sunt or Malit, which have all the features you need to take care of your baby properly. Shared family meals will bring you lots of joy!

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