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What advantages do travel cots for babies have?

Today’s parents are more willing to travel with their children – even infants, often without giving up on the most distant journeys. Adequate preparation and popular facilities for children offered by airlines, travel agencies and others encourage traveling and exploring the world. So it is worth considering what are the advantages of having a travel cot and whether it is not more multifunctional than we might think.

Healthy sleep – anytime, anywhere

Sleeping is very important for a rapidly developing baby. So whether you choose a home cot, an extension cot or a travel one, always pay attention to the mattress and comfort solutions they offer. Modern constructions, however, are almost always equipped with mattresses that ensure a healthy sleep for the child. If, in addition, the travel cot, as in the case of Lunar and Lunar+ designs, guarantees the possibility to suspend the mattress, it will enable comfortable care even for a newborn baby. This is a way for a healthy spine for parents, who will not have to bend down to the deep cot to lift the little one up. A cot designed this way will last for many years!

Mobility for the modern age

As the name suggests, travel cots for infants and older children are created to accompany families during trips  so the mobility and comfort of moving cannot be overlooked. Every trip involves unpopular packing, so the cot should be easy to fold and unfold, offering the simplest possible system. Lunar was equipped with a 3-step system that, by following the right sequence, allows it to be quickly folded and stored in a bag for easy carrying and transportation.

Another point worth paying attention to – a travel bag, designed to hide a small travel cot. The bag is included in many sets and considered priceless by many parents. It often allows to hide the entire construction even in a compact trunk of a small car.

The wheels that the cots are equipped with are also responsible for mobility. They make it easier to move the structure, allowing you to move between rooms and even outside conveniently. After all, some products are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. To ensure proper care and safety of the toddler, there must be brakes that stabilize the whole structure too. Even sudden movements of an energetic child should not move the crib!

Comfort for children and parents

When travelling, solutions that ensure comfort not only for children but also for parents are most important. The sides made of net, which ensure proper air circulation especially on hot summer days, when we travel most often are invaluable. It means comfortable sleep for every toddler! The net also acts as a mosquito net, protecting against insects. And if that is not enough, they also allow to have control over child’s sleep –  parents can always keep an eye on the child.

Incomparable multifunctionality

One great advantage of travel cots for babies is their multifunctionality – they can be used as cots for everyday use, travel cots and also as playpens during everyday activities. Many designs, such as Lunar and Lunar+, are equipped with a side entrance with a zipper which allows independent toddlers to leave the cot at any time. Some models also have additional accessories such as a changing table, an organizer for necessary  accessories or additional toys. Thanks to a wide range of possibilities, travel cots are suitable in many situations and places – on a camping site or in a hotel.

Even more safety

Even though skiddoü travel cots are light and compact, they still guarantee safety at the level of classic designs. They are made from materials that are suitable for children, are tested by independent laboratories and have all necessary attestations. In the case of Lunar and Lunar+ travel cots, a Velcro system that holds the mattress firmly in place was used. Thanks to this, a sleeping or playing child is safe, as he/she will not be able to get under the mattress. It is also very important that the construction is free of any sharp edges or small parts that could pose a danger to the child. That is why zips and other small parts are hidden behind fragments of Velcro materials.

More for less

A good travel cot with a recommendation can easily replace classic solutions – especially if, like Lunar and Lunar+, it is fitted with a suspended floor. It will work well at home, on family trips and even on long journeys. Thanks to its subdued design, it will soothe your little one and fit into any space without disrupting the existing style. However, you as a parent have to decide which solution is the most comfortable for you and your child – a travel or a classic cot.

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