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Väni children’s backpack

Baby backpack with horns Väni will become your child's new friend. It will accompany you on every walk and even on long trips. Thanks to its optimal dimensions, the toddler can fit all found treasures, small, favourite toys and even a bottle of drink.
packed in a cotton bag
Reflective print for safety after dark
wentylowany materiał airy+ na pleckach
beverage bottle pocket
ideal as a gift
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30 osób kupiło

30 dni na darmowy zwrot

Väni children's backpack

The Väni baby backpack will help emphasize each child's growing independence - it holds many treasures and toys. The little one will take it with them on a walk, shopping, an outing to the grandparents or even on a holiday trip. It has nice to touch corners made of extra soft material, which will make your child delighted and stand out in the crowd! Walks will bring you even more reasons to be happy!

Väni children’s backpack

extraordinary backpack

Väni is more than just a backpack! It's a moose-shaped backpack that turns into an indispensable friend for every little one - it even has horns! He will be with you everywhere - on a walk, on a journey and on many family outings.

walk at any time of day

The original print depicting a moose, which was placed on the front of the backpack, was made of reflective material. Thanks to it your child will be visible even after dark e.g. during an autumn walk.

will not fall from your shoulders

Väni backpack is equipped with a buckle fastener, which ensures additional stability - thanks to this solution it will not slip off the child's shoulders.

comfort even in summer

The part of the backpack that comes into contact with the child's back is made of fabric covered with air circulation. This is the way to comfort on a hot day!

perfect size

Väni is a backpack with optimal dimensions - 20 x 9 x 26 cm, in which the child can fit all the treasures found on a walk. Everyday walks will be even more exciting!

extra bag

Skiddoü children's backpacks are packed in cotton bags, which can later be used as additional solutions - for example as a bag for shoes for school or an outfit for extra classes or P.E.

functional center

The interior of the Väni backpack also hides some useful features - there is a place to put your child's contact details and a bottle of your favorite drink. What is more, there is a small zippered pocket on the front of the backpack. You will be ready for any situation!

perfect gift

Does your child dream about a little independence? Birthday, name day, Christmas - these are the perfect occasions to give your little one their first backpack. Let it be Väni!

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