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Teppi baby blanket

We cannot imagine a baby layette without a universal, practical blanket. Such as Tëppi, which will delight parents and children with its softness, delicacy and multifunctionality. Wrapping enters a new, higher level!
made of certified OEKO-TEX cotton
of a pleasant waffle texture
breathable and safe for sensitive skin
dimensions: 75x100 cm
available in 5 colors
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44 osób kupiło

30 dni na darmowy zwrot

Teppi baby blanket
Teppi baby blanket

When designing a perfect baby blanket, we knew it had to be of the highest quality: pleasant to the touch, providing total wrap and thermal comfort, delicate yet durable, and of course made of safe fabric. This is how Tëppi was created - a friend of each toddler, with whom it will not part for a minute. Soft cuddler in your baby’s favorite color will accompany him/her in the cot, on a walk and on a trip, providing warmth and thermoregulation in all conditions and during any time of year.

Teppi baby blanket

certified fabric

Making every effort to ensure that our products are safe for babies from the first days of their life, we have made the Tëppi blanket from 100% certified, high-quality cotton with the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX marking.

waffle structure

Characteristic waffle weave provides the blanket with a creative finish, but above all lightness, delicacy and pleasure to use. It is also a guarantee of quick drying after washing or getting wet.


The key element of children's blankets is also thermoregulation, which allows air to pass through, allowing the skin to breathe, and at the same time guarantees thermal comfort regardless of the temperature outside.

compact dimensions

To make sure the blanket finds its place in the room, a stroller, or a bag, choose a model with optimal dimensions. Tëppi measures 75 x 100 cm, so it fits wherever you need it.

timeless design

Children's blanket is a multifunctional item that should adapt to changing conditions. We had this in mind when designing Tëppi – as a result we got a timeless addition to any space and outfit.

favorite color

Tëppi will be your little one’s favorite…. and his/her room’s too! We offer a wide range of colors to match the style expectations perfectly. White, grey, blue, yellow or pink - which color will you choose?

polish production

To ensure the highest quality, we manufacture locally, choosing highly appreciated European factories. And our blanket? It was made closer than you think, in Poland - under the watchful eye of experienced experts of the baby industry.

gift idea

Every young parent will say that there are never too many practical textiles. That is why the Teppi cuddler is a perfect gift for a visit or a baby shower. We pack it in a stylish box, so it will be ready to be handed.

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