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Smil educational mat

We created an educational mat Smil, supporting the development of the youngest from birth. We supplemented it with contrasting patterns, interactive toys, mirror and we took care of numerous functionalities, so that the toddler could develop at his own pace. 
3 in 1 - educational mat, dry pool, mat without accessories
tummy time pillow included
toys that develop motor skills and manual dexterity
unique design full of contrasting colors
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Smil educational mat
Smil educational mat

Smil is a contrasting educational mat for babies, which we created in order to ensure proper development of toddlers from the first week of their life. We used safe materials, numerous toys that shape many basic behaviors, and most of all contrasting colors that arouse great interest in every infant. It will have a great impact on your baby's visual development! Both parents will be happy with such a gadget, who will gain many moments of relaxation, as well as the youngest members of the family. Guided by Scandinavian floral and animal motifs, but also by a simple, geometric form and elements that we encounter every day, we created the Smil educational mat - designer, designed by hand using the original doodle technique.

Smil educational mat

3 w 1 mat

Smil is a 3-in-1 solution - an educational mat, a dry pool and a mat without any accessories. It is a way for even more fun, moments spent together and joy.

contrasting design

A newborn baby does not yet have a fully developed sense of sight - this process is supported by contrasting colors. This is why they are used in the Smil!

as soon as possible

The mat is made of baby-safe materials, so they can use it from 1 week after birth. It is a chance for a faster and balanced development!

a set perfect for babies

Together with the educational mat we sell all additional elements combining play with education - 2 arches, 4 interactive toys, a book, a mirror, 20 balls and a cushion for lying on the tummy.

playing safely on the floor

Smil educational mat is made of materials that perfectly insulate from the ground, so that the child will always be warm and play will be safe.

perfect for a gift

Skiddoü products are packaged in such a way that they can be gifted to someone close right away - whether for an occasion, a baby shower or the birth of a child.

a toy for a long time

Thanks to the adjustable and removable arches, the mat will serve your child much longer. Most importantly, it will provide many ideas for playing together!

solutions tested

Our products are tested by independent, accredited testing bodies. Smil educational mat is safe and complies with the EN71-1-2-3 standard.

Smil educational mat
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