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Pottili potty

Many parents aim to teach their child to be independent - especially when it comes to using the toilet. Knowing this, we have developed the Pottili potty, which makes the learning process comfortable for both the parent and the child.
friendly whale shape
comfortable high backrest and an insert for boys
anti-slip covers on the bottom
removable cover and removable insert - easy to clean
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69 osób kupiło

30 dni na darmowy zwrot

Pottili potty
pottili children's potty

We perfectly know the needs of parents and their children, that's why we have created the Pottili potty, thanks to which learning to be independent will go smoothly. We didn't forget that a baby potty comes into contact with the skin in the most delicate places, and that's why we couldn't forget about a cover made of pleasant-to-touch material.

For parents, as well as children, however, comfort is most important. The youngest get a comfortable potty in the shape of a friendly whale, encouraging using it, made out of pleasant materials and also equipped with a backrest. Adults, on the other hand, will find a number of functionalities that will make the cleaning process easy - a closed lid and a removable insert. Pottili children's potty will meet the expectations of both the children and the parents!

Pottili potty

comfort is the key to success

To improve the learning of using the toilet, we made sure that the Pottili potty is not only a cute whale – we mainly focused on the comfort of the little user. Soft and pleasant to the touch cover, comfortable seat, high backrest and an insert for boys will ensure comfort during the child's learning process.

practicality for the parent

Friendly design, comfort of use and practicality for the parent - all these in a compact shape and lightweight construction of the Pottili potty. Pottili was also designed with modules - including a removable cover and insert - which will eliminate unpleasant odors and guarantee easy cleaning.

Safe friend

When starting the first adventure with using the toilet, the safety of your child is most important. When designing the Pottili potty, we took care of the potty's reliable stability, streamlined shapes without sharp edges, high backrest and anti-slip covers - all these to keep the little user safe.

it makes you want to sit down!

When learning to use the toilet, every support is valuable - our clever whale helper will encourage children to get to know him better. Its friendly appearance will help them take their first steps on the road to independence! Each little one can choose from 3 colors: grey, pink and mint.

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