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Potti potty

When designing the Potti potty we wanted to provide parents and their children with a simple and practical product. We created it to be small and compact, but we also made sure to make it comfortable for the child and easy for parents to clean.
compact and lightweight design
streamlined shape with no sharp edges
anti-slip covers on the bottom
removable insert for easy cleaning
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82 osób kupiło

30 dni na darmowy zwrot

Potti potty
Potti children's potty

Learning independence by toddlers means, above all, learning how to use the toilet. In order to make this task easier for parents, we have designed a simple but functional Potti potty! Safety is always the most important thing, so it has anti-slip surface that will help to avoid incidents. The material itself is very pleasant to the touch - it does not irritate the little ones' skin.

Potti potty also means trouble-free and hygienic cleaning. We used a unique solution - a removable insert, thanks to which cleaning will not be a problem at all. Simple form, small size and light structure are features that both the adults and their children will appreciate. Potti is an irreplaceable companion on the way to independence!

Potti potty

simplicity that facilitates independence

Potti potty was designed for children who are beginning their adventure with independent using of toilet. Functionality and comfort will surely support children while taking their first steps in this field.

lightweight and stable construction

The comfort of using for the youngest will be ensured by a pleasant-to-touch coating and anti-slip covers. All these for the youngest, starting their adventure with mastering the skills of using the toilet.

trouble-free cleaning

Potti was also designed with parents in mind - the removable insert will ensure easy and quick cleaning.

safety is key

No sharp edges and a streamlined shape - all these to make the use of the Potti potty safe and comfortable!

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