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Oslo + 2-in-1 stroller

An indispensable companion of every parent? Oslo is an irreplaceable 2-in-1 stroller! A rigid and spacious carrycot, perfect for the first months of your baby's life and a comfortable pushchair. That’s functionality, safety and refined design.
ultralight 3.5 kg carrycot
load capacity of the stroller up to 22 kg
UE product
coconut mattress
pushchair and carrycot ventilation
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63 osób kupiło
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30 dni na darmowy zwrot

Oslo + 2-in-1 stroller
Oslo + 2-in-1 stroller

Oslo + 2-in-1 stroller was designed for parents who are looking for functional solutions that guarantee comfort during the first months of a child's life. The set consists of a carrycot and a comfortable pushchair, with both forward and backward mounting options. Oslo + means functionality, safety and comfort during everyday use, as well as refined design in every single detail. The stroller will be perfect in the city, on a walk in the woods, as well as while traveling!

set includes: elegant and practical 3-in-1 bag, changing mat, cover for legs, rain cover and mosquito net

Oslo + 2-in-1 stroller

adjustable handle

Oslo stroller was tailored to the needs of parents . 9-position adjustable handle is a unique opportunity for a comfortable walk for both short and tall parents. Driving the stroller will be even more fun!

Facing forward or rearward

In Oslo stroller your child can travel as he/she prefers, facing forward or rearward. It is possible thanks to the holder system which allows the stroller to be mounted in both positions.

From lying to sitting

A nap can catch your toddler anywhere - even during a walk. That's why Oslo stroller couldn't lack a 4-step backrest regulation, which allows to change its position from sitting to lying.

incredible design

The Oslo stroller features eco leather elements and designer embroidery - all appreciated by modern parents who want to stand out while walking.

Functional front wheels

Agile, self-adjusting, easy to maneuver and equipped with a straight ahead driving lock - these are the front wheels of our Oslo stroller. Driving it will be easy and pleasant.

Adjustable shock absorption

In order for every toddler to be able to comfortably observe the world, Oslo has an adjustable shock absorption system. Adjusting the stroller to the terrain will be very easy!

We care about safety

Before starting the distribution, Oslo pushchair was tested for quality and safety by ZETOM, an accredited, independent research unit.

kieszonki na drobiazgi

The Oslo 2-in-1 stroller is equipped with pockets - e.g. on the carrycot - to keep essentials close at hand. A phone or an extra diaper will always be within reach.

Oslo + 2-in-1 stroller
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