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Nursing pillow – an irreplacable part of the layette

For most newborns and infants, breastfeeding is the most natural form of intimacy. Many people see nothing unusual about it, recognizing lactation as an inseparable part of motherhood. Currently, however, it is known that breastfeeding, despite being a natural process, is a unique art that requires proper preparation. Up-to-date knowledge is one pillar of good preparation, but the technical issue must not be forgotten. Current world and modern approach to motherhood make the sight of an active and working mother no longer surprising, but to be able to function well and derive real pleasure from breastfeeding you need to approach this task in multiple ways.

One of the basic elements of lactation equipment for a future mother should be a nursing pillow.

Why do we need a nursing pillow?

First of all, it is to guarantee a comfortable and correct position for the mother and the baby. Mother’s body should be upright, without straining the spine and shoulders. With a properly chosen pillow, breastfeeding does not determine unpleasant physical sensations and may even be a pleasure.

Look around your house – where would you like to feed most often? How do you envision it? You may want to limit yourself to a place where you already have a ready-made support for your little one, such as a wide and high back of your couch. If this does not satisfy you, it is a good idea to equip yourself with a nursing pillow. However, in order for it to do its job, it is necessary to consider choosing an appropriate one.

How to choose a nursing pillow?

This is an individual piece of equipment. A large number of products available on the market and their variety only confirm that every woman requires properly selected support for her baby during feeding. It mainly depends on the mother’s body structure. We must focus on the size of the breasts, as well as the structure of the torso. On this basis, you can choose the filling of the pillow, as well as its thickness and elasticity.

It’s good if the pillow is built-up enough to overlap mum’s elbows. This gives assurance that it will not move away from the body under the weight of the child. Otherwise, the baby could fall into the hole between the pillow and mom’s belly. As a result, the initially correctly positioned baby will slide downward and will begin to pull on the nipple, refusing to let it out of its mouth. This will cause the nipple a lot of pain.

The thickness of the pillow is equally important.

The pillow’s purpose is to make sure that the baby laid on it  is at the level of the mother’s breast. Thanks to this, the mum will not feel the strain on her spine, because she will not have to bend over the baby to feed. Appropriate thickness should depend on the size of the mother’s breast and the length of the torso. Moms who have to buy bras in non-standard, larger sizes should look for a pillow that is flatter – those with cotton wool or pea filling will work well. Women with a long torso, standard or small breasts should choose a pillow that is full and well-filled.

How to use a nursing pillow?

The pillow is handy in many feeding positions. Most often it is associated with the front position but it might as well be used in the underarm position – in this case the pillow is placed on the torso entirely at the side of the body. It will also be handy as a support for the baby when lying down. It will give the toddler a sense of stability and prevent the baby from getting nervous while eating.

A nursing pillow can be used longer than many people might think. Of course, it is most useful in the first few weeks of the child’s life, but women often use it until the child is able to sit up stably.

It is worth paying attention to whether the selected pillow has the option of removing the top layer. It is good to have the option of washing the cover, especially when our baby has the tendency of posseting, or we observe a large flow of breast milk during feeding.

How to feed on a nursing pillow?

Feeding with a pillow is much easier. By placing the baby at breast level, you can focus on latching the baby properly. The right technique for latching the baby without anatomical and muscular problems guarantees pain-free feeding. However, to do this, there are a few things to keep in mind. To begin with, it is necessary to place the baby on its side and slide towards the opposite armpit until the mum’s nipple is above the baby’s upper lip. It is also important to provide stable support for the baby’s head, as well as to properly prepare the breast – that is, to flatten it into a C-shape, so that the axis of the baby’s open mouth agrees with the axis created by our grip. Not only the nipple, but also most of the areola should be in baby’s mouth. This will ensure that feeding is painless, that the breast is properly stimulated and that lactation can be maintained.

Future moms focus on many things when completing their layette, but it’s worth noting that a pillow provides comfort during breastfeeding, which is an important part of parenthood. Ammi and Ammi+ nursing pillows are designed to fully support all women, eliminating pain associated with breastfeeding. They have a recommendation of the Institute of Mother and Child, Certificate of Health Quality of the National Institute of Public Health, and the National Institute of Hygiene. Cotton, from which the covers are made of, is safe for babies – it is certified with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX. We make sure that the moments of closeness during feeding are filled with joy, mothers’ sense of comfort and children’s safety.

Aleksandra Kopras – an experienced midwife, Certified Lactation Consultant at the Center for Activity and Health of Pregnant Women and Moms of Young Children. Trust the Midwife.

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