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Natt 3-in-1 co-sleeper cot

Natt co-sleeper cot will allow both the parents and the children to feel safe. Functionality and the use of 3-in-1 solutions in a n extension to the cot that is at the same time a travel cot, a free-standing cot and an co-sleeper cot is a guarantee of being useful in many situations and challenges that the parents need to face.
stable, folds flat construction
5 level adjustable height
5 cm thick mattress
two-levek angular adjustment
airy+ technology
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30 dni na darmowy zwrot

Natt 3-in-1 co-sleeper cot
Natt co-sleeper cot

Natt extension to a cot is a solution that will be appreciated by parents looking for unique functionality. This is a compact, 3-in-1 product that can function as an independent cot, an extension, and also as a travel cot. Ideal for both stay-at-home parents, as well as active travelers who can't imagine life without trips - far and near. Thanks to the foldable design you can take it anywhere!

Natt 3-in-1 co-sleeper cot

3-in-1 cot

One cot offers so many possibilities! Natt can be used as an co-sleeper cot, a travel cot, and a free-standing one.

open side

The ability to open the side is even more convenient when taking care of your little one. You won't have to get out of bed to feed your baby.

adjustable height

Thanks to its 5-level height adjustment of the Natt co-sleeper cot, it can be easily adjusted to fit your bed at home.

comfortable mattress

The mattress used in the Natt cot is up to 5cm thick. The bottom panel, on the other hand, was equipped with the airy+ system for even better air circulation.

exceptional mobility

Natt co-sleeper cot has two wheels with a brake and can be folded and unfolded very quickly and easily, which increases its mobility. You will be able to take it everywhere!

soothing design

Natt combines Scandinavian design with great functionality. However, it is the print inside the cot that soothes children's emotions which is particularly noteworthy.

Airy Safety

The net sides of the Natt cot do not only provide proper air circulation on hot days, but also allow you to constantly monitor your little one.

removable covers

The possibility to remove the cover from both the mattress and the cot is a way to increase hygiene. If your toddler possets, wets the diaper, or makes mess - you will be able to react quickly.

Natt 3-in-1 co-sleeper cot

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