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Nasjö 2w1 stroller

The Nasjo stroller is a unique 2 in 1! Soft carrycot and stroller closed in one structure - here nothing needs to be moved or disassembled. Just a few moves and the fully functional, soft carrycot turns into a stroller. It's a stroller that grows with your child!
convenient hand brake with warning light
panoramic ventilation
compact and extremely light - 9.5 kg
convertible handle
smooth backrest adjustment
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Nasjö 2w1 stroller

The ultra-light Nasjo 2-in-1 stroller is the perfect solution for parents who value incredible functionality, space saving and easy-to-use solutions. In one construction we fit both the soft carrycot and the stroller. Ideal for any occasion - on the go, on a walk in any terrain, as well as during moments spent in the garden. We also took care of safety - we placed reflective elements on the capacious basket. Everything that Nasjo offers will always be at hand!

Nasjö 2w1 stroller

light, compact design

The Nasjo stroller is a lightweight and stable aluminum construction that you can easily take anywhere. It weighs only 9.5 kilograms which, combined with its small folded size, guarantees great mobility. It also offers compatibility with many 0-13 car seats - simply use the appropriate adaptors available in our range.

panoramically ventilated

The stroller does not lack windows, which will provide optimal ventilation for your child even on a hot day. After pulling up some covers, e.g. in the canopy and in the carrycot, windows made of fine mesh are revealed.

convenience for children and parents

The Nasjo is equipped with 7.5- and 10-inch wheels made of puncture-resistant PU foam. The front wheels are lockable for straight ahead travel, while the rear wheels are cushioned to keep your child comfortable no matter the terrain. Safety is ensured by a hand brake that is very convenient to use and has an indicator light.

convenient folding system

The 2-in-1 stroller offers the ability to fold it together with the seat. With just a few simple movements, the folded stroller can even fit into a small trunk.

a booth full of possibilities

Featuring easy-to-clean eco leather elements, the extended booth with window, UPF 50+ filter and waterproof zippers is the perfect cover during naps. Thanks to its maximum stretchability it will block out the sun, wind and rain trying to get in.

convertible handle

The Nasjo 2-in-1 stroller is equipped with an extremely functional, telescopic handle with 3-level adjustment. You can easily change its position from one side to the other to always be able to look at your baby. You can also open the handle on both sides, which will facilitate daily care of the baby.

real 2-in-1

The Nasjo is two solutions - a carrycot and a stroller - enclosed in one structure. You just need to make a series of specific movements to completely change its functionality. The one-piece 2-in-1 stroller is even more convenient!

customize to your needs

The backrest of the stroller is equipped with a knob for adjusting the angle, as well as a system that allows you to set it in two positions. When your little one feels like taking a nap, you can easily switch from sitting to lying position. Comfort is also ensured by 2-position adjustable footrest and 5-point safety belts.