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Marit humming plush toy

This is Marit - a wise owl that will lull every baby to sleep! Pleasant to the touch material and a hum noise generator with soothing sounds were used in the cuddly toy. The plush owl will make the nights pass in peace.
silencing hum noise generator
sensor that detects baby crying
gradual volume control
made of safe materials
completed with a hanger and a teether in one
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55 osób kupiło
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Marit humming plush toy
Marit humming plush toy for sleeping

Inconspicuous plush toys perform extremely important functions: they serve to play, calm down, stimulate sensory development, and even teach empathy. We took a step further and designed a toy with a humming insert - Marit owl with a sound generator. It can be used as a favorite cuddly toy and a timeless decoration for a boy’s or girl’s room, but it is also an innovative item to calm the baby down and lull him/her to sleep. The plush animal will calm the baby down, lull him/her to sleep and help to get over any fears. Soft, safe materials are suitable for the youngest toddlers, and practical gadgets, such as the volume control, a sensor that activates when crying or a hanging holder will make sleep come even easier and faster than you think!

Marit humming plush toy

more than just a toy

Cute cuddly toy in the form of an owl? Not only!

Marit is a plush animal for special tasks, which is a clever mascot to calm down, put to sleep and save unwanted waking up. The secret is the relaxing hum!

sleep guardian

Marit is an innovative toy that will soothe and comfort the baby to sleep. How? It has a built-in hum generator that soothes children’s senses. One button is all you need to start 40 minutes of blissful sounds!

pendant and teether in one

The owl will appear wherever you need it - thanks to a practical hanger that will allow you to hang the plush toy over a bed or a stroller. And if Marit appears close to the toddler, the hanger will also serve as ... a teether!

sleep as a gift

We pack our cuddly toy in a decorative packaging with a coloring book, which makes it a ready gift. Are you going to a baby shower or paying a visit? Marit will be a perfect gift - parents that don’t get enough sleep will be grateful!

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