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Målit feeding chair

Målit feeding chair is a solution that will be appreciated by parents looking for maximum functionality. Here almost every element can be adjusted to the child's and your needs. The design has not been forgotten either - the chair is modern, perfectly reflecting the Scandinavian character, thanks to which it will fit into any space.
top tray is dishwasher safe
tray suitable for food contact
multi-stage height, backrest and footrest adjustment
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54 osób kupiło
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Målit feeding chair
Målit feeding chair

The Målit feeding chair is a solution for parents who are just starting out on the road to expanding their child's diet. The chair can be used from the moment a child begins to sit up until the age of 3 or 15 kilograms.

Målit feeding chair

adjust to your needs

The chair features a range of adjustability to fit your and your little one's needs. Thanks to the 7-step height adjustment, it's possible to enjoy family meals together at any table!

safety is important

Målit also means maximum safety! The 5-point harness ensures that your child always stays in his or her seat. This allows you to prepare a quick snack or serve dinner in peace.

easy child care

The construction of the chair has been enriched with wheels to make it easier to move the furniture, which may prove useful in many situations. Children are curious and you never know when you will have to move them with the chair to another place!

comfort for the toddler

Målit is a comfortable chair that allows every child up to the age of 3 to eat in comfort. It has three settings for the footrest and three positions for the backrest to make it comfortable for your child.

a chair full of possibilities

Målit allows you to adjust the settings to your current needs - it offers a 3 position backrest adjustment, a 7 position seat height with the ability to adjust the chair to fit almost any table, and 3 footrest settings.

easy to clean

Babies learning to eat can make quite a mess. This was taken into account in the design stage. That's why Målit feeding chair is equipped with a dishwasher-safe tray and an easy-to-clean eco leather seat.

timeless design

We have also not forgotten that the feeding chair is a piece of home equipment and we have taken care of its design. Målit is a Scandinavian design and unobtrusive patterns that will make the chair fit into any modern space.

chair for longer

Thanks to a number of functionalities and the possibility to change the settings of many elements, this chair can be used from the moment the child starts to sit up to the age of 3 or up to 15 kilograms.

Målit feeding chair

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