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Lykke educational mat

By choosing an educational mat Lykke, you choose a solution that will allow your child to develop at the right pace. Interactive toys, colorful balls, a book, a mirror - these are just a few elements that will arouse interest in your baby. Get some respite while taking care of your child's proper development!
3-in-1 set - educational mat, dry pool, mat without accessories
muted pastel colors
large play area
toys that develop motor and manual skills
tummy time pillow included
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Lykke educational mat
Lykke education mat

The Lykke Children's Educational Mat is a 3-in-1 solution - an educational mat with risers, a dry pool and a mat without accessories. Thanks to this it can serve as a private playground, guaranteeing safety and great fun - the set even includes balls! What is important, babies can develop with it from the first weeks of their life. Pastel, friendly colors, functional toys, arches and Scandinavian design will stimulate the senses and imagination, will interest and calm many a toddler, avoiding overexertion.

Lykke educational mat

3 in 1 mat

Lykke is an educational mat with arches activating toddlers, a dry pool with balls and a mat without accessories. These are many solutions and ways to develop and play with your toddler.

design matters

Lykke's educational mat is a combination of calm and pastel colors that promote focus during play and avoid overstimulation.

as early as 1 week old

The mat is suitable for infants from the very beginning - it allows to place the baby on the belly, isolating the tiny body from the floor. It is a chance for a faster and most of all proper development!

development kit

Along with the mat, children receive 2 arches, 3 interactive toys, a book, a mirror, 20 balls, and a pillow perfect for lying on your tummy. Surely you will not get bored!

tummy time

The infant should spend at least 30 minutes a day on its tummy. Adopting this position will make it easier and more comfortable, available in the set tummy time cushion.

grows with your child

The included arches allow for adjustment, meaning the mat grows with your little one and their needs. Toys will always be within reach of your child!

perfect gift

Our products are packed in such a way that they can be immediately given to a loved one as a gift. Educational mat will be a perfect gift for the birth of a baby, baby shower and other occasions.

proven safety

The Lykke learning mat has been tested by international testing laboratories Intertek and Bureau Veritas before it was released for sale. The product is safe and complies with the EN 71-1-2-3 standard.

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