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Kydde pillow for children

One item, so many functions - meet Kydde! This tummytime plush pillow guarantees lots of fun ideas and an opportunity for proper development - simply all the best for your child!
strengthens the muscles of the neck and back
supports learning to sit down
stimulates sensory development
made of safe, certified materials
suitable for children over 3 months of age.
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29 osób kupiło

30 dni na darmowy zwrot

Kydde pillow for children
Kydde plush pillow for children

A pillow or a toy? We do not limit ourselves to rigid divisions, yet we create multifunctional items that surprise with creativity and practicality. This is exactly what our Kydde plush pillow equipped with educational toys is. Soft, pleasant to the touch pillow will accompany the child while resting, and when it’s time to play, there will be a lot of reasons to be happy and… learn! A toddler can develop his/her motor and sensory skills, all of which will take place inconspicuously while having fun. Isn’t that a great combination? The dot on the “i” of the multifunctional favorite of a little explorer is undoubtedly a modern, Scandinavian style, combining timeless simplicity inspired by nature and creative details, attracting the attention of the youngest users.

Kydde pillow for children

more than a pillow

What can a pillow be used for? Kydde proves that it’s not just for sleeping! A companion for creative play, everyday cuddling or comfortable lounging and sleep, yet at the same time a personal muscle and sensor systems trainer.

tummy time

In other words, exercising and playing on the tummy, when the child has a chance to combine learning with pleasure. Pediatricians recommend at least 30 minutes a day for this muscle training. With Kydde pillow it will be a piece of cake!

Bullseye gift!

If you are going to a baby shower or paying a visit, the pillow-toy will be a hit. You will surprise everyone with a creative idea and we will be happy to help you: we will pack Kydde in decorative packaging right away!

only safe materials

A pillow is an item that is close to the baby most of the time, so it must be made of safe materials. Kydde has been accredited for mechanical, chemical and flammability safety.

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