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Krübb children’s cot

Baby's sleep is crucial in the context of proper development. Therefore, we designed the Krübb cot to meet all parents' expectations, to be minimalistic, designer and, above all, safe. Krübb is a timeless piece of furniture full of functional solutions!
łóżeczko rośnie razem z dzieckiem
3 removable bars
UE product
stable construction made of beech wood and MDF boards
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28 osób kupiło
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30 dni na darmowy zwrot

Krübb children’s cot
krübb children's cot

Krübb cot is a way for your child to develop properly - after all, sleep is the most important thing for the toddler. The piece of furniture can accompany the toddler even for the first 4 years of his/her life thanks to the 3-level adjustment of the mattress position. Three removable bars will allow to support the independence of an older child. After removing them, the toddler will be able to get out from the cot independently.

Krübb children’s cot

safe and stable

Krübb cot is made of beech wood and MDF boards - this combination guarantees stability followed by safety.

we support independence

When your child grows up, the ability to remove the 3 wooden bars will help promote independence. He/she will be able to leave the cot alone.

adjustable height

Krübb baby cot features the possibility of adjusting the height of the mattress on as many as 3 levels. The baby can sleep higher, making it easier for the parents to take care of him/her.

popular solutions

Krübb children's cot is compatible with popular 120 x 60 cm mattresses. Therefore a change of mattress is not a problem!


turn the cot into a couch

Thanks to the possibility of buying an additional bed side panel to the set, the cot will turn into a couch for an even older child. Krübb will stay with you for longer.

timeless design

The combination of natural wood with white and gray color is a guarantee that our baby cot will fit into almost any space. Bring Scandinavian design into your home!

easy assembly

Even parents who have not had the opportunity to do some DIY can handle the assembly of the Krübb cot. It's quick and effortless!

Tested for safety

The product is safe for children, complies with the EN 716 standard and, most importantly, has been painted with safe paints.

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