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Is it worth buying an extension cot for a baby – and why YES?

Instead of wondering whether it is worth buying an extension bed for a child, it is better to ask why such a cot would be an ideal solution for both the baby and the parents. Discover the phenomenon of multifunctional child’s cot with us, and provide your family with a new quality of sleep!

The new face of Co-sleeping

Co-sleeping is when one or both parents sleep together with their child or children in the same bed. This phenomenon is also called co-sleeping or a family bed. So far, many parents around the world have practiced this type of sleeping even though it is questionable in terms of safety, comfort and quality of sleep.

Finally there is a solution that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of co-sleeping, but eliminate its disadvantages. It is an extension cot.

Priceless sense of closeness

During the first months of life, a baby naturally demands closeness of the parents. The same goes for parents who want to build a strong bond from their first days (and nights!), which becomes the foundation of a happy family Sleeping together is irreplaceable in this process.

In order to be close, but not give up on comfort and safety it is worth reaching for an extension bed for the baby. Do you literally want to have your little one at your fingertips? Look for a model opened at the side that allows you to cuddle your baby while you both lie in separate beds. Such a functional solution with a zipper is offered by the Natt cot by skiddoü.

Sleep safety

When a baby is cuddled up in one parent’s arms or is lying between both parents in the same bed, there is a risk of the baby’s little body being supressed. During sleep we do not control our movements, and the baby is still so small that he/she will not be able to defend or wake us up in time.

In order to avoid tragedy and rest the eyelids without stress, it is worth putting the child away in an extension bed, which will provide maximum safety and give parents peaceful sleep.

Comfort for parents

Breastfed babies wake up every 2.5-3 hours at night on average. Not only hunger wakes children up from sleep. It is worth placing the extension cot right next to your bed, in order to avoid jumping up from sleep and running nervously around the apartment. Such closeness will provide you with a sense of comfort that you will hear even the quietest sobs of your little one, and it will also save time – so valuable during sleepless nights.

Comfort while sleeping

For sleep to be effective, it needs to be comfortable. If the three of you are sleeping together it’s hard to get the optimal space to rest. A bed, even if it’s a large one, has limited possibilities. On the other hand, babies tend to change positions during sleep freely, and adults who devote themselves in favor of the peaceful sleep of their children suffer from it most often.

How to make sure everyone sleeps comfortably without sacrificing closeness? You certainly won’t be surprised to learn that the answer again is an extension cot for children!

At home and on the go

An extension cot also has an advantage over the standard cribs because it is multifunctional. Look for solutions that meet all your family’s needs. An example? Natt extension cot from the skiddoü collection is a 3in1 model – it functions as an extension, a free-standing and a travel cot.

Clever extension to your bed in the first months of your baby’s life, a stylish piece of furniture for a separate room, a practical solution when travelling and in any conditions. One product – many possibilities!

Adjustable height

When looking for an extension cot for children, pay attention to the adjustment options – the more the better. For example, skiddoü Natt model has a 5-level height adjustment, so you can adjust it to beds of different sizes.

Folding possibility

A classic cot is not foldable, and even if it does have a folding option, it takes up much more space than an extension cot, which has a lighter structure. When browsing through store offers, pay attention to the compact size and ease of folding and unfolding, yet stable construction at the same time. During the day, you will be able to quickly hide it behind the wardrobe at home, and during trips it will easily fit in the trunk.

Easy to move

Child’s travel cot can and even should be mobile. What does this mean? It is good if it is equipped with wheels to ensure maximum mobility. What is more, the cot must have a brake. This will make the structure stand firmly in place and you will have nothing to do but sleep in peace.

Safe materials

The materials from which the baby cot is made of should be of no less importance. To ensure a healthy and comfortable sleep for your child, it is worth choosing soft, friendly materials that have been tested for safety. The role model can be the skiddoü brand, the Natt cot of which was tested in an independent research unit, Intertek, before it was launched for sale. The product complies with the EN 1130 and EN 16890 standards. The textiles used in the cot are free from e.g. formaldehyde, flame retardants (TCEP, TCPP, TDCP) and chemical elements that are toxic and carcinogenic.

New quality of sleep

What other solutions deserve attention if you want to provide your toddler with perfect sleep? Take a closer look at the elements which seem invisible at first glance, such as: an adjustable frame, sides covered with a transparent net ensuring proper air circulation and visibility of the child, high-quality, breathable, 5 cm thick foam mattress or a practical pocket for accessories.

Safe, multifunctional and comfortable … You have certainly already answered the question whether it is worth buying a cot for a baby. We also think that this is a rhetorical question!

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