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Inger bag

We know how difficult it is to go out or travel with a baby, that is why we present Inger bag for parents, which will help you organize any trip - long or short. It guarantees access to multiple pockets and unique solutions, such as thermal pockets to carry everything you might need on a walk, expedition, or even a holiday trip.
strap for easy mounting of the bag on the suitcase
durable, waterproof fabrics
adjustable shoulder strap
tested, safe solutions
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46 osób kupiło
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30 dni na darmowy zwrot

Inger bag
Inger stroller bag

Perfect organization? Only with the Inger parent bag! We have prepared it for parents who don’t want to get surprised by problems in any situation. Our bag is extremely spacious - it has a number of internal pockets, such as thermal pockets, pockets for tissues or two pockets for dirty clothes. We've also added a key ring so you don't have to hide your keys in your pocket - now they'll always be in one place and finding them won't be a challenge.

Inger bag

universal solutions

Inger stroller bag can be carried in two ways - in the hand or over the shoulder. It is possible thanks to a comfortable handle and a strap attached to the set.

changing mat

The set could not be complete without a changing mat made of easy-to-clean material. Changing diapers will be possible anytime and anywhere!

hit the road!

Modern Inger bag will be especially useful in the hands of mobile parents for whom traveling is an everyday habit. It is possible to hang it on the stroller frame, as well as on the suitcase handle. It will turn out to be irreplaceable on every long-distance trip!

ideal for mom and dad

Thanks to the use of waterproof material, universal design and muted color scheme, Inger bag will work well anytime, anywhere. It is both a bag for a dad and for a mom!

as many as 7 pockets in the main compartment

Thanks to the access to such a number of spacious pockets, organizing even the longest outing from home will be even easier. Everything will be at hand!

thermal pocket

Inger stroller bag has a thermal pocket that will keep all meals at the right temperature for a long time.

two waterproof pockets

The child often gets dirty, so in order to maintain proper hygiene, our bag was equipped in two separate, waterproof pockets that isolate dirty clothes from the rest of the contents.

weather? Irrelevant!

Do you like going on walks regardless of the weather? That's great, because Inger bag will allow you to do so even if it's raining outside. It is made of a pleasant-to-touch, water-resistant material that will protect the contents from getting wet. Catch the fun, no matter what the conditions are!

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