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How to prepare child’s space for drawing and creative work? Choose the best furniture set for your preschooler

Arranging a child’s room is a real challenge for many parents. The task seems to be easier when the child is at an infant stage and only needs a cot and a playmat to function. As your child grows, his/her needs, cognitive abilities, and motor skills change. It is worth preparing space for the child and adapt it in such a way as to support development. However, when faced with such a task, many questions arise in the minds of parents. What does a toddler need? What activities will he/ she undertake? How to prepare a drawing area and which set for children to choose?

A two-year-old usually already needs space prepared especially for him/ her. If the child does not sleep with the parents, he/she needs an own bed. He/she has space for clothes and a rack or baskets for toys and should have a separate place for floor games – a carpet or a foam mat will be perfect for this. One should also not forget to separate a corner where a table and a chair will be placed. It will be a place where the child will be able to engage in table games. What are these activities?

  • drawing and coloring,
  • painting
  • graphomotor exercises (and learning to write in the future),
  • gluing and all kinds of creative work,
  • putting together jigsaw puzzles, multi-element puzzles, picture stories,
  • mathematical and logical games,
  • experiments,
  • board games.

Why is space for table games so important? The above mentioned activities are extremely developing. Thanks to them a child acquires many skills necessary in further stages of education (such as logical thinking, precision of hand movements or creativity). Additionally, the toddler gets used to working at a table/desk, which will pay off when in kindergarten and school.

What elements to create drawing space from?

The heart of such drawing and creative work corner is certainly well-chosen furniture set for children. It is worth placing it in a bright, well-lit place, preferably near a window. It is also important to take care of sufficient space for utensils (pencils, crayons, brushes and paints), stationery, coloring books, puzzles and games. It is important to place them so that the child could reach for them independently and at any time – this increases the likelihood that they will be used often. It is a good practice to prepare a place near the drawing corner where the child will be able to display his/her works and drawings. This can be a cork board, a piece of wall, or string and clothespins.

Multifunctional furniture set – why is it the best choice?

Due to the fact that the child’s needs and the body change, it is worth considering furniture that will be able to adapt to this. Initially, the table top will hold several-elements puzzles and a piece of paper, although, over time the amount of stationery and items used by the child will increase. A two-year-old will need different seat height than a five-year-old. It is worth remembering that the correct sitting position of the child at the table is the right angle in the knee bend and the feet resting on the ground. The table top should be at the appropriate height and large enough so that the child could easily rest his/her forearm when drawing or writing.

8in1 Møb wooden set is a good choice. This is a set for children between 2 and 6 years old, so it will serve the child throughout the entire stage of preschool education. Thanks to the appropriate design, each element can be adjusted to find the golden mean for the needs of a child at any age. At the beginning it is a chair with a table and with time additional place for crayons and other utensils can be added. For an older child, after turning the furniture around, we get a desk and a stool with a place for paper and books. In the future, when a child needs a bigger desk, this set of 8in1 furniture for children can turn into a sofa or a bookcase. This way it can be used for many years!

What to pay attention to when playing at the table?

It should be remembered that a child at the pre-school age needs constant movement in order to develop properly. Therefore, we should not expect a three-year-old to play at a table for an hour. It is best to let the child mix table games with movement games. Another aspect worth knowing about is the attention span of a child. For children 2-3 years old it lasts for only a few minutes. 3-4-year-olds will spend an average of 10-15 minutes at the table, while older children will be able to resist longer (around 20 minutes). Of course, these are average values – if a toddler is willing and takes a seat at the table by him/herself, he/she should be allowed to do so. It is also good when the child has the opportunity to direct his/her own playing, and not just follow our instructions. That is exactly when he/she develops creativity and stimulates imagination.

I think that after reading this article, you already know what aspects you should pay attention to when organizing space for drawing and other creative work for your child. I wish you and your children a lot of fun and developing games, and the 8in1 Møb set will soon become the heart of my two-year-old’s room.

Patrycja Nowak – a pedagogue, a pre-school teacher, a mother of two-year-old Tymek. Creator of space for parents of future and current pre-schoolers,, where she shares her knowledge and experience about what life in the kindergarten looks like. On Instagram (, she is building a community of conscious parents who want to expand their skills and she supports them in this challenging role.

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