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How much sleep should a child get?

Sleep in the first years of a child’s development is extremely important. It does not only allow for the regeneration, but also for development. It is during sleep that new neural connections are formed in the infant’s brain, thanks to which it gains more and more efficiency. It should be remembered, however, that there is no recipe for appropriate length of the child’s sleep – you can only support the comfort by creating the right space and conditions for sleep, as well as choosing the right cots, mattresses and bedding.

How long should a baby sleep?

The answer to the question of how long should a child sleep is not clear, as the sheer length of sleep of a newborn, an infant and a child depends on his/her natural predispositions, daily activity and age. However, standards have been established for several age groups that allow for adequate regeneration.

  • Newborns need a lot of sleep! It allows for their proper development and growth, as well as protection of the still very fragile nervous system. Of course, even in such a small being, individual preferences in terms of sleep can be noticed. In the womb, a baby could have loved a particular position. Newborns sleep from 16 to even 20 hours, taking breaks for food. Interestingly, they still can’t see the difference between day and night!
  • Infants from 1 to 3 months of age begin to shorten their sleep – they need 16 to 17 hours of sleep a day. They also become more temperamental and more aware of their needs when it comes to naps.
  • An infant between 4 and 12 months may need 12 to 16 hours of sleep a day, dividing that time into 11 hours of night time sleep and up to 3 naps during the day.
  • When the child turns one year old, his/her sleep starts to stabilize. However, he/she still needs 11 to 14 hours of sleep, as well as naps during the day (at least one). Young body is still developing rapidly and needs adequate regeneration.
  • In the following years, the length of the child’s sleep continues to decrease. However, the most important thing is still proper regeneration, as the toddler spends more and more time learning. The quality of sleep has a huge impact on the level of concentration, learning speed and well-being.

The way for a healthy child’s sleep

The role of the parents is to provide the child with the right conditions for sleep. It is worth starting with the introduction of regular evening rituals. Daily repetition of the same activities allows the child to awaken a sense of security. For example, a predetermined order of activities works great: a supper, a bath full of games, silent moments in bed during lullaby singing or story reading and finally sleep will work well.

It is worth to ensure fixed meal times throughout the day, as well as regular naps, as these can also have a huge impact on the quality of sleep. The child should not be exposed to cartoons and other content on TV, tablets or smart phones late at night. The blue light generated by these devices has a stimulating effect.

Addressing the topic of meals, it should be added that a properly balanced diet is also a way to regenerate during sleep better. It is important to introduce the right amount of vitamins and minerals, while limiting salt and sugar. Walks are also important – a breath of fresh air oxygenates the body, which then means no problems with falling asleep and uninterrupted sleep.

Baby cots – a haven for sleep

The cot and the elements of bedding: a pillow, a duvet, a mattress and others are also responsible for a good quality of sleep. Krübb cot can accompany your child even up to 4 years of age, because it has a 3-step adjustable mattress and removable bars. This wooden baby bed made of beech wood combined with MDF boards is stable and safe. Ecological, harmless paints were used to finish it which makes it 100% safe!

By combining such a bed with a mattress made of safe materials (e.g. latex-foam with the possibility of removing and washing the cover, which limits the exposure of the young organism to allergens), as well as cotton, comfortable bedding and a waterproof sheet, you will guarantee your child with the best conditions for proper sleep , regeneration, rest and development. Evening rituals will also become meaningful. They will be a pleasure for the whole family, and the child will remember them for a long time.

A well-rested baby is a relief for everyone

A child’s lack of sleep means a difficult day for the parent- toddler tends to get cranky, often cries, gets irritated very quickly and often does not know what he/she needs. Children, who are well-rested, emanate joy, energy, learn new skills willingly and easily and develop much faster. What is important, a well-rested child is also a well-rested parent, and in order to fully enjoy parenthood, you need a lot of energy.

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