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Horten car seat

The safety of our children is the most important. That is why choosing the right car seat is not easy. In order to change this, we have created the Horten car seat, thanks to which you can ensure your child with maximum safety and comfortable travel conditions. The newborn insert option is suitable even for the very first journey from the hospital to your home.
high-quality, tested materials
sun protection
reduction insert with breathable mesh - comfort for the newborn
fits strollers with universal adapters
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Horten car seat
Horten car seat

We know that the safety of the child is important to every parent. That is why the Horten infant car seat has been tested in an accredited laboratory. The product underwent all demanding crash tests at TASS International before it was launched on the market. As a parent, you will be able to travel, knowing that many respected specialists have taken care of your child's well-being.


Horten car seat

2-in-1 solution

Horten is a car seat that also functions as a carrycot - transporting your baby from the car to your home will be comfortable and effortless.

Tested in a laboratory

Our seat has undergone all demanding crash tests at an independent, accredited laboratory, TASS International. It's the guarantee of safety during every journey, even the longest one.

Seat belts - comfortable and secure

3-point safety belts will keep your child in the right position and the belt pads will affect the comfort of travelling – it will be soft and convenient. And what is the most important - safe!

Comfortable for babies

Reduction insert equipped with airy+ system, made of perforated material ensures proper air circulation, as well as correct spine position and comfort for the baby.


Protective canopy

Horten car seat is also equipped with a canopy which protects the baby, both from the rain and from the harsh, glaring sun.


Convenient for parents

We haven't forgotten about the comfort of parents, providing access to an ergonomic, adjustable handle that makes it easy to carry the seat.

Timeless design

Horten is a modern design - a combination of streamlined shapes with fashionable colors. Such a design makes the seat fit perfectly into the interior of any modern car.



Our car seat is compatible with most popular strollers frames thanks to the possibility of using universal adapters for 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 strollers.

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