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Berit ride-on toy

Berit ride-on toy is a solution for little ones who can walk on their own and push off the ground with their feet. Your child will be able to develop motor skills without any worries!
anti-slip steering wheel
very light- only 2 kg
durable EVA foam wheels
handlebar turn lock
stable, safe construction
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191 osób kupiło
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Berit ride-on toy
Berit ride-on toy

Has your child started to walk? It's time to take care of the proper development of this skill. Berit children's ride-on toy will prove to be irreplaceable here! It will help learn proper step making, as well as increase confidence and the sense of stability. Of course, children are still quite unsteady at this stage, so we have not forgotten to take care of their safety.

Berit ride-on toy

from the age of 1

Thanks to the use of solutions that ensure child’s safety,  Berit can be used by toddlers as young as 1 year old. Of course, they have to be able take their first steps!

light construction

Berit ride-on toy weighs only 2 kg - it is light and maneuverable, so the child will not have any problems with riding it, and the parent with carrying it.

handlebar turn lock

The use of a handlebar lock in the Berit ride-on toy is a chance for safe play for children who are still walking a bit unsteadily.

EVA foam wheels

6-inch wheels are made of durable EVA foam - they are puncture-resistant and they do not scratch the floors. The toddler will be able to ride it even at home!

comfortable solutions

Berit is equipped with handlebars covered with soft, and anti slip material and a comfortable seat so that playing for a long time did not end in unpleasant ailments.

universal design

Our ride-on toy was made in the spirit of Scandinavian design. It combines subdued colors, perfect for both boys and girls, and functional solutions.

perfect for a gift

Skiddoü toys are packed so that you can hand them to someone close. What is more, inside, they hide a secret that every little one will be delighted to discover- a unique coloring book.


tested and verified

Berit ride-on toy was tested by the international, accredited Intertek laboratory before being released for sale. The product complies with the safety EN 71 standards for toys.

Berit ride-on toy
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