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An extension bed or a wooden baby cot – which one to choose?

Completing the layette for the baby to be born is one of the most exciting parts of pre-birth preparations. Choosing among beautiful textiles, a thorough analysis on which changing table or bathtub will be the safest for the child or deciding on the purchase of a baby stroller takes a lot of time and commitment of parents. What about the choice of a cot? Is it at all necessary in the layette of the newborn?

Sleep of a newborn, toddler and pre-schooler – long and safe

To begin with, it is worth knowing that newborns are very “sleepy” creatures – they can sleep up to 20 hours a day! As the child grows, its need for sleep decreases, but even for a 4-year-old sleep takes about 12-13 hours a day.This is a really large part of the day which the baby spends in the cot, therefore it is good to take care of a comfortable place to sleep from the very first days.

When choosing a place for the baby to sleep, it is also worth taking into account the recommendations on how to prevent SIDS, i.e. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. In order to maintain safe sleeping conditions, toddlers up to at least 6 months of age should sleep in the same room as their parents (not together in one bed), and preferably on a hard mattress. The baby should always be put to sleep on his/her back, never on the belly. It is also recommended for the caregiver to stay close to a sleeping child not only during the night, but also during the day. Therefore, especially in the first months of a toddler’s life, parents should look for a small cot that can be safely put in their bedroom, and preferably a mobile one, so that the toddler can sleep anywhere during the day, always following the parent.

For mothers who want to breastfeed, being close to their toddler during the night’s sleep is even more important. According to some researches – mums, who sleep next to their baby for the first 3 months after giving birth, statistically decide to breastfeed longer.

Extension cot

One of the best sleeping arrangements for the newborns and smaller babies is the so-called extension cot, such as the Natt cot we offer. Extension cot has an advantage over wooden bed as its compact size means it can be easily set up, even in the smallest bedroom. Thanks to the 5-step height adjustment it can be perfectly adjusted to the height of the parents’ bed. Stable base and special fastening belts included in the set prevent it from moving away from the parents’ bed, ensuring safe sleep for the child.

One side of the cot can be unfastened, which makes it easier to feed at night or soothe the crying baby. Both sides of the cot are covered with a net, which ensures proper air circulation and increases safety, and if the side is fastened, we have good visibility of the child at all times.

In addition, Natt cot is easy to move. It has two wheels with a brake in the base. You can also take it with you on a trip, because it has compact dimensions after folding, so even outside the home you have the guarantee that your child sleeps close to you in a safe and private space.

When deciding to buy an extension cot, make sure that it is sold with a mattress included, just like Natt. This ensures that the mattress fits perfectly and is therefore safe. There should be no gaps between the mattress and the cot. The one in the Natt cot is a 5 cm thick, foam mattress, which provides your child with a safe and comfortable sleep on a sufficiently hard surface.

Wooden cot for your child

An extension cot has many advantages, but your little one will grow out of it over time. It is then worth having a wooden baby cot prepared. This is the next step on the way to sleep “maturity” of a toddler. Children sleep in wooden cots even up to 4-5 years of age, first secured with bars, and then protected against falling with a safety railing. Wooden cots can be a beautiful element of a child’s room and delight with their shape and form, therefore it is worth considering the choice carefully.

Krübb wooden baby cot stands out with its timeless design. It folds up easily and is compatible with the most common infant mattress of 120 cm x 60 cm size.

The mattress can be placed at 3 different heights, depending on toddler’s mobility and his/her ability to sit or stand up. The cot grows with the baby – over time, several bars can be removed, which gives the baby a bit of freedom and decision-making possibilities on when to go inside. At the same time, the parent has a safety guarantee that the sleeping toddler will not fall out of the cot, because the “entrance” to it is small. For older children Krübb can be converted into a couch and the whole side of the cot can be transformed into a safety rail. This is very helpful if you want to stay with your child while he/she falls asleep or sit next to him/her to read a bedtime book.

A quality mattress should be matched with a wooden baby cot, as they are usually sold separately. The mattress should be new and have a recommendation of the Institute of Mother and Child and a Certificate of Health Quality of the National Institute of Public Health. Mads, a foam-latex mattress of 120 × 60 cm dimensions and a thickness of 10 cm is hard and provides comfortable and safe space for a child to sleep. A great advantage of this mattress is the removable cover, which can be washed in the washing machine at 60°C, spinned and dried in the dryer. Small children have the tendency of posseting, wetting the diaper or simply spill water or other drink – it is worth having the possibility to refresh the cover, which helps to maintain the highest standards of hygiene with the child.

In conclusion, a cot or cots (if you decide on different solutions depending on the age of the toddler) and a high quality mattress should definitely be on every family’s layette list. A well-chosen piece of furniture with accessories will give you confidence that the child sleeps in a safe environment and feels comfortable. And yet a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep of a child is usually a dream of new parents.

The author:

SleepConcept is made up of 2 moms, Gosia and Marta, who have been helping parents of young children in Poland and around the world to sleep better for 6 years as sleep consultants. They have the greatest experience in Poland in this regard (over 2,500 individual consultations and dozens of group workshops) and are often asked for expert opinions. They are also accredited by 2 international associations of professional sleep consultants (International Association of Child Sleep Consultants and Association of Professional Sleep Consultants).

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